Released: 1980

A.W.S.A. Tournament Ski Boat
Official tow boat of the 1984 – 1985 – 1986           National Ski Tittles


In 1985 The GILFLITE Laser was tested as a Tournament ski boat and met every requirement as set down by the Australian Water Ski Association and the World Water Ski Union and was endorsed as an Australian Tournament Ski Boat.

In 1986 it was used while setting Australian and World Ski Jump records and endorsed as an official tow boat to the Australian Barefoot Water Ski Club.

The GILFLITE Laser was the official Tow Boat of the 1984 – 85 – 86 NATIONAL SKI TITLES.

  • Length: 5.3m (17′ – 6″)
  • Beam: 2.0m (6′ – 7″)

This album showcases the GILFLITE Laser – all photographs are originals from the 1980’s (taken around time of production)….